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Learn how to feel radiant rather than "just OK"
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Let us be together,
Let us eat together,
Let us be vital together,
Let us be radiating truth,
radiating the light of life,
Never shall we denounce anyone,
never entertain negativity.
-- The Upanishads
Revere the healing power of nature. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
-- Hippocrates
There is no one diet that is right for everyone all the time.
Food is an important part of a balanced diet.
-- Fran Lebowitz
Most of the food in America today will support life but it won't sustain health.
-- Richard O. Brennan, MD

Do you want to create new lifestyle habits, change the family "profile", have more energy, and sleep better? Do you want to incorporate a better diet and regular exercise into your busy life but are unsure where to start?

Recognizing the subtle, and not so subtle, symptoms of unwellness is an important opportunity as these symptoms or messages are often a short step from the start of many chronic disease processes.

Take the time now to set up your personalized wellness insurance policy so you can have the quality of life, energy, and time to accomplish all your goals.

With a few carefully selected and targeted changes inserted into your life, you may be able to:

  • digest your food more effectively, without belching, gas, and turbulence down below
  • sleep more soundly, thereby recharging your immune system and improving hormone balance
  • make it through the allergy season with clear sinuses and less discomfort
  • improve mobility by reducing musculoskeletal pain
  • accomplish homeostasis in weight and mood
  • reduce risk factors for chronic diseases to which you may be predisposed
  • raise your quality of life and overall vitality
  • achieve greater focus and concentration

I highly recommend Nori as a nutritionist.
I find her to be more knowledgeable and passionate about health, body function, and supplements, than anyone else I have ever met. I have been both her student and client, and have greatly benefited from my time with her.
I have suffered from persistent and mysterious (to my primary care physician) digestion related issues. Nori has helped me to better understand my body, and worked with me on a variety of supportive interventions. I leave my times with her feeling more empowered, hopeful and healthy.
~ Tim S.


Nori was better informed and more helpful than any doctor I've seen.
After a ten-year quest to understand my mysterious chronic illness for which doctors were of little help, I sought Nori's advice on optimizing my costly and time-consuming regime of supplements and health foods. Using questionnaires and a lab test, she advised me on the key nutrients I needed, providing solid answers to the various questions I'd had during years of self-study. I was happily surprised at the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Nori was better informed and more helpful than any doctor I've seen.
She steered me to some reading on health issues including chronic mercury poisoning — an issue I'd previously discounted per conventional medicine. A particular lab test (which my doctors had never suggested) confirmed late-stage chronic mercury poisoning. Armed with this knowledge, I had my dental amalgams removed and found a specialist to help me chelate my mercury burden safely over several years. Now six months into this treatment, I feel much better and expect a full recovery — thanks to Nori.
~ Kris H., PE, MPP, MPH


Nori transformed my life!
After having my second child at the age of 31, I decided that I needed help from a nutritionist in an effort to be healthier and increase my energy. I reached out to Nori, who in turn transformed my life!
I have had asthma since I was an infant, was always on antibiotics as a child, and have struggled with hypothyroidism since my early 20's.
Nori helped me see how childhood illnesses, nutritional habits and stress affected my health and energy levels.
Thanks to Nori, I have lost about 30 pounds, exude a healthy glow, have the energy levels to keep up with my two children, and am enjoying researching the resources she has directed me to in the field of holistic health. Everyone keeps asking me "what's your secret to looking and feeling so great?" I am happy to say that all I have learned from Nori and the resources she has provided me are now being extended into many of the people I know! She has not only provided me with the tools for healthier living, but has inspired many people that she doesn't even know!
~ Vida C.


With RADIANT VITALITY as the goal, I am offering a wide variety of health-based services, tailored to your biochemically unique needs and lifestyle:

  • individualized health assessments to identify metabolic issues and symptoms
  • diet analysis that quantifies calories from protein, fats, and carbohydrates and selected vitamins and minerals and supports recommendations for dietary and supplement suggestions
  • health hazards evaluation as malnutrition, addictions, stress, and toxins can undermine anything we do nutritionally

My specialties include:

  • children's nutrition
  • allergy and immune support
  • health issues of the middle-aged
  • quick, delicious, whole-food cooking and recipe adaptation
Nori Hudson
Nori M. Hudson
-Certified Nutrition Consultant
-Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®
by and Registered with
National Association of Nutrition Professionals
-Certified Nutrition Educator


(510) 847-3197
mailing address:
1952 Yosemite Road
Berkeley, CA 94707-1651



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